Duncan is the original Yo-Yo and is still the best. If you know an experienced yo-yo player, like I do, Duncan makes an awesome Flipside. Oldest child has been a yoyo-player for a couple years, so he was stoked to get to demo some products from Duncan. 
     Flipside is all new and features a ball-bearing spacer system that allows yo-yo players to use either a small or large ball-bearing in a single model.

     With Flipside, you flip the bearing spacers and swap the included bearings to change the response and width for the levels of play. The large bearing widens the gap and reduces response for advanced levels. The small bearings provide more response for intermediate levels of play. 
     This is a great yo-yo because it is great or both intermediate and advanced players. The wide flare shape makes string tricks easier to perform. Want to check out the Flipside in action, check out the video here.  If you aren't an expert yo-yo player, you can be. There are a ton of awesome tutorials on YouTube. I would recommend Andre Boulays Expert Tutorials. You can check out Andre Boulay below, and find his tutorials on YouTube. 
     Want to check out all of Duncan's super great products, click here! They make great stocking stuffers! Be sure to follow them onFacebook and on twitter also! Want to win some Duncan goodies? Go to my Giveaway page! 


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