I don't know about your phone, but mine is filled with grimy little toddler fingerprints. There is no better babysitter when youngest is screaming then an iPhone. So, I am completely guilty of using it as a baby silencer. Dust-Off has now helped me remove all of the baby goo in the cutest way possible! These Mobile Screen Cloths that Dust-Off has made are not only fashion friendly but they actually work! 

     The thing that I love best about these cloths is that they fit into my purse easily. They are cute little squares of adorable prints. The Dust-Off Mobile Screen Cloths can also be used on all portable devices as well as glasses and sunglasses! 
     Want to check out the Dust-Off site and see what else they have to offer? Click here! Want to win your own cloth from Dust-Off, go to my Giveaway page! 


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