In every review I write, I always put my true feelings. I feel that I owe it to my readers and myself. Most of the time, we enjoy our experiences with the products. Once in a great while, we come across a product that is truly incredible. Face to Face is a product made by Harvest Time Partners that had a truly profound impact on our family. 
     Face to Face is a card game that comes in three different options: Kids, Teens, or Adults. We tried out all three. They are all played the exact same way, only the questions differ. The premise of these games is to get families talking again. We live in a society where not many people actually converse anymore, so this is a really great game. 

     This new game is played with a deck of 96 question cards that ask players questions that stimulate lively discussions on real-life issues. It helps build the critically important life skill of “Face to Face” authentic communication that is rapidly being replaced by today’s online chatter. The game gives real life scenarios and everyone must answer how they would respond in these such circumstances. 
     For our family, we used dinner time to play. Each night, we make it a habit to always have dinner together, no matter what.Face to Face is great to play during this time because there is no board, small pieces, or anything else to disrupt. It would also be great for roadtrips, game night, or any other time that you want a candid conversation. 
     This game was a really wonderful conversation starter. It allowed us to see how our children would react in many situations that we never thought to talk to them about. The most surprising part was, they didn't always just tell us what we wanted to hear. These games are a must have for anyone with a family. There is also an all adult version that is wonderful for spouses, friends, and parties. We found that the kids and teen version were appropriate for both of our kiddos who are 10 and 15, although please use your discretion with your children, all families are different. 
     If you want to learn more about these wonderful games, visit the Harvest Time Partners site here. You can also follow them on Facebook here and on twitterhere! We are giving three lucky winners the chance to win these three games! Enter to win on my Giveaway page! 


10/01/2014 11:54pm

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