Though Fusion No. 1 Essential Moringa Body Oil is an exceptional massage oil, I could not convince my husband to give me a full body massage!  However, I use the Moringa Oil when I get out of the shower and the effects on my skin are wonderful!  My skin looks healthier and has more of a "glow" to it.   The blend of oils is more than just to improve the appearance of your skin but also to help the body overall.  The lavender is to help with muscle aches and to aid in skin problems like oily skin and acne.       Ylang-Ylang is calming to the nervous system and to help with overly dry or oily skin.  The Vetiver in it helps to calm and soothe the mind and relieve stress...

tension and exhaustion.  It is also known to help relieve arthritis and general body aches as it promotes circulation.  Finally, the Moringa has a unique ability to retain the essence of essential oils and has been used all over the world for its protective and moisturizing properties to the skin, helping to improve the natural glow and helping to heal irritations. So, I suggest if you not only want to look better but also feel better, get your bottle at icraftgifts today and check out all of their amazing products or enter our giveaway here.


03/29/2016 1:11pm

I love to use body oil. The scent lasts all day and you don`t need to use a lot of it on your body. Never tries Moringa body oil before.


Body oils can make your body perfect. Because when you used them before shower and do some massage with them their throughout the day you can feel fresh. Massage is important and with some good oil it becomes more accurate. And Moringa oil is good one.

02/14/2017 3:08am

Body massage is a very important part of body care. Oil massage keep the skin smoothe. It helps to keep us stressfree anad relieved. http://www.bodyclinic.nl/ may help you more.


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