Can you believe Halloween is right around the corner? It is my favorite time of the year, so right now is not too early for costume shopping in our house! Halloweenadventure.com was sweet enough to let us try our the adorable love bird costume made by Animal Planet. It came the other day, and I put it on youngest! He LOVED it! Since vacation, he has been obsessed with birds! So, he loves wearing the haloweenadventure.com costume and flapping his arms while running through the house. It is priceless! 

     The love bird costume is super high quality and durable. I cannot believe how fluffy it is! Youngest will be wearing it well after Halloween, since he adores acting like a bird. 
     Haloweenadventures.com always has great deals going on, stay on top of them! Like their Facebook page by clicking here! Here is a wonderful Children's Halloween song that your kiddos will love, check it out here
     Halloweenadventures.com is great for everyone's costumes, not just toddlers! They have an awesome selection of adult costumes as well. You will find the latest movie and cartoon characters as well as the hottest trends! There is something to please everyone and every budget! 


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