Hemp By Design is a great little shop that I found on Etsy. Not only do they offer handmade designs that everyone will love, but they have all sorts of supplies for you to make your own jewelry. Hemp By Design offers hemp cord, hemp twine, macramae cord, beading string, wood beads, and charms for hemp jewelry. If you have never used hemp to design your own jewelry before, it is a wonderful, natural alternative. 

     The same owner also has another shop that sells kits to make DIY Bracelets. These are wonderful for kids and adults who love to make their own bracelets. The instructions are very easy to follow and make it simple for even the most novice bracelet maker! 
     Check out Hemp By Design on Etsy here, for all of your already made bracelets and supplies. Want to look for some kits? Go to DIY Bracelets on Etsy here! Two winners will be selected to win prizes from Hemp By Design. Go to my Giveaway page to enter! 


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