We absolutely love Monopoly, and with a nine year old girl in the house, only My Little Pony could make it even better! 
    USAopoly has recreated the same Monopoly game we remember as a child, with a My Little Pony Twist. My Little Pony Monopoly is fun for the entire family! 

     Instead of the typical Boardwalk and Parkplace, players will be trying to get locations such as Cutie Mark Clubhouse and  Everfree Forest. Our daughter loves this game, but so did our son. After years of playing original Monopoly, My Little Pony Monopoly was a great new addition! 
     Want to check out the other games USAopoly has to offer, click here! Want to order your own My Little Pony Monopoly, click here! We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own copy of My Little Pony Monopoly! Go to our Giveaway page to enter!


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