I love getting a deal, and with Nyopoly that is exactly what you get! When you get to the site, there are so many products to choose from. It is like a shopping mall, seriously! They are all super high quality, designer items. But, then Nyopoly sets itself apart from the rest! 

     Once you choose an item, you are told a list price for that item. Instead of paying that list price, you make an offer. If your first offer is taken, you make back 20% of your offer. You get your acceptance or denial immediately. If denied, you make a second offer, and you can make 10% of your offer if accepted. The third offer is the last time you can make an offer. If it is accepted, you make back 5%. 
     I love this concept that Nyopoly has brought to the table. When I got my Institut Karite Day Cream I paid almost half! It was a total bargain! The cream is absolutely amazing and works to stop age spots and wrinkles. It is awesome for dry skin. In just a week my skin looks healthier and firmer. I absolutely love it, and with Nyopoly I paid a fraction of what I would have in a department store. 
     Want to go get your own deal on Nyopoly? Click here!                                                                                                                                                                                   


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