It is that time of year. We are hitting the cold weather and the heat is going to have to be turned on soon. Oldest child has always had problems with his nose drying out as soon as this weather hits, to the point that it bleeds. The only thing that helps him is OCEAN Saline Nasal Spray for kids! It is a wonderful product that soothes dry, irritated nasal passages. 

     Both adults and children can use OCEAN Saline Nasal Spray. It is gentle enough to be used frequently throughout the day, every day. My son uses it three times to prevent his nose bleeds. However it isn't only for bleeding noses, it is for a multitude of uses. OCEAN Saline Nasal Spray naturally provides instant, soothing relief to dry, irritated nasal passages due to colds, allergies, dry air, pollution, smoke, air travel, and use of decongestant/steroidal sprays.
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