Not too many products can boast the 2014 Parents 25 Best Packaged Food Award!  Olives To Go is a great, healthy, tasty and low calorie snack that can be used in lunch boxes, for picnics or just to sit around and pop in your mouth. These are especially good for younger kids because there is no liquid in the container to spill out and make messes!  Don't let that fool you though, even without all of the liquid these olives are still juicy like olives should be.

These olives are just the right serving size while keeping low in calories.  There are several different options to choose from like Pimento Stuffed, Black Pitted, Sliced and Kalamata.  Look for your Olives to Go at your local retailers and grocery stores or click here for your chance to win a Olive to Go! gift from Pearls. Find them on Facebook here and on twitter here


03/21/2015 6:27pm

These are my favorite! I absolutely love them and so convenient to take anywhere with you

10/18/2016 11:38am

Why would I especially buy this when I can buy the one I already use, kee them in a jar and take them with me, this is a flop idea to be honest!


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