P28 makes an awesome line of high protein foods. These are great for athletes, people who workout, and foe vegetarians...like me. 
     I am constantly looking to get more protein into my diet since I don't eat any meat, fish, or eggs. P28 has given me an excellent option. 

     P28 offers a ton of high protein options, such as: bead, bagels, flat bread and peanut butters. The peanut butters are awesome and come six different flavors. Add two tablespoons of P28 Peanut Butter Spread to a slice of P28 Bread, and you've got 28 grams of Protein, which is awesome for someone who is looking for that sort of diet. 
     All of the products at P28 are delicious. You can order a sampler pack and try all of them out! Take a look at their website here and follow them on Facebook here


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