I had the amazing opportunity to work with a great PartyLite representative, Shannon Yanko. In working with Shannon, I had the chance to try out some great PartyLite products. 
     PartyLite has the phenomenal GloLite Candle. It is a great candle that is known as the world's brightest candle. They illuminate from top to bottom, the instant they are lit. This differs from the traditional candle since traditional ones only glow from the wick. The GlowLite from PartyLite is available in both jar and pillar form.  

     I tried my GloLite in the Iced Snowberries. It was a beautiful plain white, that glowed beautifully when lit. The best part is that it smelled fantastic. It was a super light scent that didn't overpower the room. 
     The PartyLite votive candles are amazing. They are completly comsuming, leaving only the small metal tab that leaves the wick. It is so cool to see. I have honestly never seen wax that acted in this way. The really great part is that each tiny votive burns for 9-10 hours each. They all smell amazing and are available in many different scents. 
     Want to check out PartyLite? Click here to visit Shannon's site! You can place an online order here! Starting Oct. 1, we will be hosting an online PartyLite party! Win some great prizes and order some awesome candles! Watch Nonperfect Parenting for details! Want to win a PartyLite item? Go to my Giveaway page! 


04/11/2017 5:47am

Nowadays, more people arestarting to appreciate the beauty and function of candles, Rich people love giving candles as their gifts to their friends.Because for them, it's a great representation that you are giving your friend "peace" in all aspects of life. By the way, I know that PartyLite is a good provider of quality candles. I ordered some candles in their shop and I was satisfied with it!


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