Pet Frenzied is a great game that the entire family can play! Our family was super excited to get the package from Petsapalooza, and it has become part of our board games nights ever since. 
     The game is made for ages 3 and up and for 2 to 6 players, so it works great for most families. After you choose a play area, typically it is our play room, the Hider yells “Pet Frenzied”, and the Seekers select a House card and go in search of a matching Pet card. Once a Seeker finds a matching Pet, they go back and select another House and go in search of another matching Pet. 

     Even though it is made for ages 3 and up, youngest can play with assistance. It is a fast paced game that helps the kiddos burn off energy and always makes us laugh. 
     Players learn and expand on their color matching and memory skills. Players can only match a red Pet with a red House, or a Blue Pet with Blue House, or a Purple Pet with a purple House, and so on. If they find a Pet, but it is not the one that matches their current House, they have to leave it in its place. But, if they select a House that matches later, they can immediately go find this Pet. 
     The best part of Pet Frenzied is that for each game sold, Petsapalooza donates a percentage of profits to select animal rescues and shelters across America.
     Want to learn more about Pet Frenzied? Click here! You can also find them on Facebook here and on twitter here! Want to win your own copy of Pet Frenzied? Go to our Giveaway page to enter! 


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