Middle child and I have just recently started doing yoga together. It has been a wonderful bonding experience for she and I. I was encouraged to do so because of the studies that show yoga can be calming for children on the spectrum. The awesome people at Playful Planet gave me the best way possible to introduce middle to yoga. 
     Karen and Bryan Duggan founded Playful Planet. They based Storytime Planet on their daughter's love for nature. This yoga DVD is great for little kiddos to learn from. It tells a story, based on nature, and has the kiddos do yoga poses along with the story. The child is having such a great time. There is no work involved. It is totally peaceful, healthy, and calm. 

     The Storyland Planet DVD is also available in digital download. You can have this beautiful experience for your kiddo at your fingertips via Amazon. It can then be played on any iPhone, iPad, or computer at any time. The Storyland Planet is recommended for ages 3-8. Middle child does use it, she is ten and she enjoys it quite a bit. So, I really do believe that it is based on the individual child and their ability. 
     Playful Planet also has an excellent book that accompanies the Storyland Planet DVD quite well. It is Condor Trek Kids book. This is a fun option for a kiddo who is a visual learner. It teaches fun yoga poses while infusing them with eco-conscious messages. The book gets the child to imitate animals, which is absolutely adorable. The child is learning through imagination. The curriculum-based book is written to the Common Core Standard for English Language Arts (Grades 1, 2), and includes physical education and life science. The Condor Trek Kids book is 44 pages and includes full color and illustrations. 
     To learn more about Playful Planet and all of the products they offer, visit their site here. If you would like to see a trailer of Storyland Planet, click here! Follow Playful Planet on Facebook


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