Does your kiddo have a hard time getting out of bed? Mine do. Except for youngest. He wakes us up. Every morning. He yells, a lot. The other two could sleep through anything. 
     We have a new secret weapon. His name is Pop Clocky. This little guy, as cute as he may be, is a sleep repellent. 
     Pop Clocky is an alarm clock, but he is no ordinary alarm clock. He will wake you up for sure! His secret is he looses his head! So, you set your time and the alarm, and the alarm goes off. Then, Pop Clocky's head pops. The alarm doesn't stop until you put his head back on. 

     Pop Clocky is too cute. You use his little arms to set the time and alarm. He teaches kids to be responsible by getting them out of bed on their own, instead of having mom or dad wake them up. If they choose not to get up, Pop Clocky will keep sounding the alarm!
     Pop Clocky is so popular he has his own website, click here to check it out! Here is his Facebook page too! Want to win your own Pop Clocky, go to our Giveaway page!


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