My husband has a problem. He is a horder of shirts. He never wears them, he just keeps them. In piles. In our closet. It infuriates me. The shirts have sentimental meaning to him, and he will never wear them again, but he refuses to part with them. So, for the sake of our marriage, I found a solution. 
     Project Repat makes quilts out of your shirts! It is truly one of the best ideas I have ever heard! I love it! Our quilt is featured above. 

     So, I sat the husband down and asked him to part with twelve of his shirts. He took it better than I anticipated. Project Repat offers two options: one is design your own (cheaper) or you can have them design it for you. The husband decided to design his own. This means we cut the shirts and lay them out in the desired pattern. Then you choose how big you want the quilt to be. There are four sizes: lap, twin, queen and king. Ours is a lap which holds twelve shirts. 
     Project Repat is amazing for a multitude of uses. It is great for shirt horders like my husband, if you have a kiddo who plays sports and you want to create a memory, or if you want to make a quilt from all your 5k shirts! It is such a phenomenal idea!
     Check out their website by clicking here! Want to see their Facebook and Like their page, click here! One lucky winner will win their own Lap Quilt from Project Repat! Go to our Giveaway page to enter! 


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