I had the opportunity to try out the Radius toothbrush and I was pleasantly surprised. It is unlike any brush on the market today. When you first see it, you will be taken aback on how wide the brush head is, I know I was. But, when I first used the brush, I understood the design concept. It has such a large head because it is not just designed to brush your teeth, but brush your entire mouth. After you are finished, you feel like you have just been to the dentist! 
     The Radius line improves gum health with the soft wide massage, it also protects your gumline by helping to reduce receding and bleeding. The Radius reduces the risk of heart disease by improving gum health. 

     Our family loves natural products, and the Radius toothbrush is the only ADA approved natural toothbrush, which makes it perfect for us. It has a natural bio-plastic handle and bristles to eliminate fossil fuels. 
     This is an amazing brand, and they make left-handed toothbrushes! Want to check them out? Click here to visit their site! Want to win your own? Check out my Giveaway page to enter to win! 


Wendy Hatton
09/06/2014 5:13pm

The angled handle looks like it would be comfortable for brushing one side but awkward for the other side. How was it?


It was actually super comfortable. I had the lefty brush, but the giveaway brush is for either a righty or a lefty. The angle actually helps you brush quite better and reach areas that you were not able to before.


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