We drink a ton of water in our home. Like most Americans, we are guilty of using disposable plastic bottles. Until we tried WaterWeek. These great bottles offer the convenience of typical plastic water bottles, but are refillable and reusable. Reduce allowed us to try the kids size WaterWeek bottles and the kiddos love them! 

      The WaterWeek bottles come in child and adult sizes. Child size is a 10 oz capacity and adult is 16 oz. Each set comes with five bottles and a fridge tray that slides neatly into your fridge. I love this concept, because it allows the kids to refill their own bottles and put them back into the refrigerator where they should be. All of the bottles and the fridge tray are dishwasher safe which is great for cleanup. 
     We loved our Reduce WaterWeek and I know you will too! Want to check them out on Facebook? Click here! Check out their website by clicking here! We are giving a lucky reader the chance to win their own Reduce WaterWeek, go to our Giveaway page to enter! 


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