Youngest child is always on the go, and our family is always out and about. It can be a dangerous combination. Safety Tat makes me worry much less when we are in crowded, chaotic places. 

     Safety Tat is a great little temporary tattoo that is customized with your information. That way, if your kiddos gets lost, they will be returned to you, safe and sound. I had the opportunity to try out the original Safety Tat. These little tats are amazing! They are waterproof and sweatproof! So, they will stay on your kiddo for anywhere from one to five days. 
     The original Safety Tat is preprinted with one line of print. So, I choose my cell phone number to be printed on the dino tat pictured above. Youngest loves dinos, but the have many designs to choose from. Safety Tat even has a Tat Builder option, which allows you to design your own tattoo! 
     Application was super simple, and youngest loved his little tattoo! The best part is, if you don't use them all quick, they can be stored for up to a year. 
     Safety Tat offers a ton of different options and products! Check out their site here! Be sure to follow them on Facebook here and on twitter here. Want to win your own set of customized Safety Tats? Go to my Giveaway page for a chance to win! 


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