Everyone recognizes the brand Scentsy, but not everyone knows how wonderful their products are. I just recently took the time to learn more about Scentsy, and I am so thrilled that I did. 

     Scentsy is a company that offers a huge variety of home and personal fragrance items. The main item that they sell is the scented wickless candles and decorative ceramic warmers. When I learned about these products, I was so excited! I love candles. In our home, we have to limit our use of candles because of kids and pets. Now that I found Scentsy, I have unlimited use of candles in my home again! Scentsy's wickless candle is a high fragrance that is warmed to release into the air. Since the wax is warmed instead of burned, it is much more fragrant than other fragrance oils. Because there is no flame there is no soot, smoke, or lead. The ceramic warmers burn with the assistance of a low watt bulb. It slowly melts the fragrant wax at such a low temperature, that if you dip your finger in it, you will not get burned. I personally tested this myself to be sure, and it is very true. The wax is warm, but it will not burn a child if they get it on them. However, I am not condoning putting hot wax on your child EVER. 
     Scentsy wax comes in more than 80 fragrances. Each year, they also produce two new catalogs. One in the Spring/Summer and one in the Fall/Winter, so their designs are constantly changing. Scentsy has a wide variety of designs and colors to match every decor, so you are sure to find something to fit every taste. 
     Another thing you may not know about Scentsy, they offer more than just flameless candles. They offer an entire line of laundry liquid, bath &body products and more! My favorite non candle item is their Scentsy Buddy. These are adorable stuffed animals who hold a scent pak. They are great for kids or adults and they smell awesome! 
    Some items have been donated for my giveaway here on nonperfectparenting.com by my Scentsy Indepentdent Consultant Nikki Vaccaro. She is super knowledgeable in everything Scentsy and you can check out her page here! Go to the Giveaway page to enter! We will be giving away two Scentsy warmers (one Cherry Tree and one Rustic Bloom) and one Scentsy Buddy (Clover the Cow). 


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