Standard Deviants Accelerate is a great online teaching resource for homeschooling or as an online supplement to your child's education. I had the opportunity to check out Standard Deviants Accelerate and I was very impressed with their program. This is an excellent online learning resource for any middle school or high school aged child. 

     Standard Deviants Accelerate has been around for the past twenty years. Two college graduates had the golden idea to record full academic courses on video and make them funny. The clever name is a play on words based on the mathematical term “standard deviance” or “standard deviation,” meaning the variation from the average. Every SD Accelerate subject aligns to state, national, and Common Core standards. 
     So, if you like what you see, you sign up for a subscription with SD Accelerate. After you purchase a subscription to SD Accelerate, you will receive an “invitation code” to the email you provided at checkout. The invitation code will allow you to create an account and gain access to your subject. They do offer online training so that you are not overwhelmed and all of your questions can be answered. I love this! I know that homeschooling your child can be extremely mind-boggling. SD Accelerate makes it simple and painless. The one on one webinars and and group webinars are all no fee! 
     A subscription provides a year’s worth of supplemental content for a subject. Plans vary, but every subscription gives one teacher, and several students access to SD Accelerate for a year. Additional teacher access is offered at a discount. The teacher account will provide teacher-specific tools such as RTI alerts, progress reporting, editable rubrics, and more. Student features include video with transcripts, multiple choice, critical thinking and group activities, pre- and post-assessment, a “locker” to store notes and completed work, and much more. A complimentary online professional development session is available to schools that purchase 3 or more teacher licenses. These online sessions include a live walk through demonstration, a brief workshop covering a range of scenarios on how SD Accelerate can be incorporated into various academic settings and lesson plans, and individual teacher help, if needed.
     So, I tried out the Standard Deviants Accelerate program online. I was amazed at what I still remembered from high school! Besides that, I was impressed at the overall ease of use of the program. They have made it very user friendly. I also appreciate that there are many videos for visual learners and each test/quiz can be printed. This is awesome for parents that wish to keep up with their kiddos work. 
     I recommend this program for any parent who is getting ready to homeschool or teacher who is tutoring. It is an excellent and valuable accelerated learning program. Learn more about Standard Deviants Accelerate here. Be sure to follow them on Facebook here and on twitter here!  


09/29/2017 10:51am

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