In our home, we love dessert! So when we had the chance to try Tortuga Rum Cakes, we were super excited. These cakes are exceptionally good. They come packaged and shrink wrapped, to keep them moist. However, if you are not a fan of rum flavoring, these are not for you. 

     The Tortuga Rum Cakes are so tasty and delicious, we all enjoyed them! The best part is, cake is not the only tasty treat that Tortuga makes. They have an entire line of fine offerings. These include coffee, sauces, chocolates and gifts. 
     Want to check out the Tortuga site? Click here! You can find them on Facebook by clicking here! Click here to connect with Tortuga on twitter! 
     Want to win your own Tortuga Rum cake? Go to our Giveaway page! 


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