Willow Stained Glass makes beautiful art, but the pieces that are most requested and world famous, are the birds! Willow's birds are extraordinary! They are a little bit of happiness to hang in your window! I absolutely fell in love with these little birds when I found them. We frequent many art shows, and I have never found anything quite like it. They are very delicate, measuring 
4 1/2 in. to tip of beak and 5 1/2 in. to tip of feet. But, they are sturdy enough to hang and admire anywhere in the sun. When you order, you are given the option of a plastic suction or a wire hanger for your new addition. 
     Willow Stained Glass makes a ton of handmade art! There is a beautiful piece waiting for everyone. 

     Our bird hangs in our garden window and each morning it catches the sun. It is absolutely breathtaking. Willow also makes coasters, necklaces, pins, earrings, and much more. Want to peruse her selections yourself? Check out her site here! You can Like her Facebook here! Click here for her twitter! 
     Want to win your own piece from Willow Stained Glass? Go to my Giveaway page for details! There will be 2 winners! 


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