As a child, I remember one of my most prized possessions was a music box that my parents had given me. At Amazing Music Box Co. you can find an assortment of those same sort of magical boxes that children will cherish their entire lives. There is just something beautiful about the handcrafted boxes that play the tinkling music when you turn the key. Amazing Music Box Co. sent me the Music Theady Bears piece shown above. It is called the Littlest Conductor by Adrienne Samuelson Figurines

     The Littlest Conductor is a charming piece for a boy or a girl. When you turn the key, it plays the song "Theady Bears Picnic". The piece is 3.25 inches in diameter and is made from wood and polyresin. It is also handpainted. The craftsmanship on the Littlest Conductor is pristine. 
     Amazing Music Box Co. has a multitude of products that you can choose from. With the holidays coming, this is a brilliant place to do some holiday shopping! Check out their site here!  Be sure to follow them on Facebook also! 
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