For every holiday and birthday, we all send out the obligatory greeting card. NJ Creative Cards makes your cards something special. Evelyn, at NJ Creative Cards, makes each card completely handmade and unique. 
     Evelyn created the cards for middle's and youngest's birthdays this year, and they were absolutely beautiful. Instead of going to the store and choosing a card that a million other people were getting, we got a card personalized for each of the children. NJ Creative Cards are made with so much heart and created exactly to your specifications. 
     I love the fact that each card is so unique and can be made with the exact design and wording that you want inside. You aren't getting some cheesy card from on the rack, you get your thoughts professionally designed! 

     Shown in the photos are just SOME of the amazing designs created by NJ Creative Cards. There is no limit to the beautiful work that Evelyn can do, so if you have some intricate design that you would like to see on a card, visit her site here! You can also Follow NJ Creative Cards on Facebook here and on Instagram here. 
     I am giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win their own Christmas Cards by Evelyn! Go to my Giveaway page to enter! 


10/20/2017 5:09am

Hand made greeting cards are very good as gifts. They come from heart and it feels good for the people. I hope people would love the pictures of the cards.


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