This super fun game, Bus Depot Diner  from Family Pastimes Co-operative Games, is a great way to get your family working together! Our family played it and we had a ton of fun! It is sort of like the video game, Diner Dash, but in board game form.
     Bus Depot Diner is meant for ages 12 and up, but our 10 year old was capable of playing and did quite well. It is a quick paced game that keeps everyone's focus. Especially pleasing is that this game can be played by few or many, and a variety of ages: it comes with three sets of rules, for younger children (5-7 yrs), middle years (7-12 yrs) and tough adult play — like having three games in one box!

     You operate the Depot Diner together. When a Bus pulls up and the hungry passengers pile out with only 30 minutes to eat, you have to work as a team to see that they get fed and leave happy. The passengers belly up to the Counter with Orders… The Servers scurry out of the kitchen with food, the Boss directs the traffic, trying to please everyone. I love the fact that your family is working together throughout the game. Also, everyone takes a turn being the Boss during gameplay, so no one gets left out. 
     I love this game! It is beautifully colored and the characters are too funny. Our children worked together so well it was amazing. We really had a great time playing. Bus Depot Diner is a great way to spend a few minutes with your family. 
     Check out Bus Depot Diner and all of the other great Family Pastimes Games here on their site. Take a moment to Follow them on Facebook and on twitter also! 
     Five lucky winners will receive a Family Pastimes Product! Go to my Giveaway page to enter! 


09/08/2017 4:45am

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09/19/2017 1:29pm

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