Our family has found the coolest way to take games outdoors! Cajo Games provides unique ready-to-go scavenger hunt kits that are perfect for birthday parties, events, family outings and playgroups. Cajo Games offers kits for ages 6 and up. They are totally complete and  all you have to do is enjoy the fun. The scavenger hunts are categorized by age group, each kit includes just about all you need for seven creative tasks that incorporate math problems, comprehension, mapping skills and creative problem solving. Easy set-up for both in or outdoors. Once each task is complete, a clue is provided, all of which culminate with a piñata that is discovered in the end.

     Our family absolutely loved this idea. We surprised the children and set it up on a Saturday when we had nothing going on. Since we love the park, we decided to play there. Near our home, we have a giant sprawling park that was the perfect set up for our scavenger hunt. The children had no idea, and it was a ton of fun. We tried out the Scavenger Hunt "San Diego". This box of fun comes with : 1 cardboard box, 2 team books, 8 nametags, 2 pencils, 8 bracelets, 5 sheets with clues, 7 paper bags, 5 sheets of tissue paper, 7 stickers, 2 clues on a paper strip, 2 flashlights, 1 clear cup, 8 straws, 2 plastic cups, 5 balls, 3 flash cards, 1 pinata, 1 bandanna and a Game Master's manual. It is a kit that is appropriate for ages 10 and up and is great for up to 8 people. 
     The really awesome part about Cajo Games is that they have a phenomenal Resources area on their site. Here you will find map ideas (for indoor and outdoor play) and cake ideas. The day we did our Cajo Game, we did have a decorated scavenger hunt cake to wrap up our picnic. It was a ton of fun and wasn't difficult to make! 
     Cajo Games offers six different kit options, so you are sure to find something to please everyone. Check out their site here to order you kit now. You can also follow them on Facebook and on twitter!  

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