FreshTape is a new, resealable tape to use on all kinds of snack and food bags you buy in the grocery store. Better than bag clips!

It's so convenient and easy to use- each one reseals dozens of times. It works on coffee, frozen vegetables, chips, you name it - it even works in the fridge and freezer!

     FreshTape is 100% made in the USA, FDA compliant, and BPA and phthalate free. It's a space saving, time saving, food saving solution that’s safe for your family to use on all flexible food packaging. When you are done with a bag - just stick it on the next one! Reuse on two or three bags, and then recycle it (yes, it's totally recyclable).
     So our family tried out FreshTape. I was definitely skeptical at first. We use bag clips. Then, I read the info on the FreshTape site about the germs that bag clips carry. Needless to say, I (being a little OCD) was a little grossed out. We tried out the FreshTape and found that it actually worked like it was intended to. Not just once, but multiple times! It is a wonderful concept! 
     Check out the FreshTape site here to order yours. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and on twitter


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