I love doing my nails, but I hate taking the time to do them. It takes forever and I cannot stand the smell of chemicals. I was beyond excited to find Jamberry! Jamberry Nail is a great company that offers over 200 different styles of nail wraps. There are so many to choose from, and something for everyone!     

     So, my first experience with nail wraps was not a Jamberry product. It didn't turn out that great. They were just nail wraps that I had bought at a department store for middle child and I to play with. They were awful to try and apply, and by the next morning, they were already peeling. 
     When I was applying my Jamberry wraps, I was skeptical. I assumed they would be the same sort of product. I was completely wrong!! First, they are SO EASY to apply! If you follow the Jamberry application video below, you will have no issue. I prefer the "cold" application. It worked really well for both middle child and I. 
     I love that Jamberry offers wraps for both children and adults. It allows middle and I to have girl time together. We have a blast doing it and it isn't nearly as stressful as painting our nails (I am awful at nail polish). The wraps last about two weeks, but I am super hard on my nails. Even when I just have polish, I have to repaint every three days. One Jamberry set is $15, and you can do your nails 2-3 times with them. When ordering you always get one free, when ordering three! 
     One tip that I can give to those first time Jamberry users: take your time!!! I found that many strips are either too big or too small for my fingers. So, take your time and trim those too large strips down. If you use the strips that are too small, you always have that strip of nail not covered by the wrap and it looks silly. So, take your time and it will look great! 
     We will be hosting a Jamberry Party on Facebookhere, so Join in on all the fun! If you want to win a $25 Jamberry e-giftcard go to my Giveaway page to enter! 
     Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.



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