In our home, we teach our kiddos to budget from an early age. I jumped at the chance to implement the Money Saving Pig with middle child. This bank made by Money Savvy Generation is their take on the traditional piggy bank. It is in the familiar shape of a piggy, with the slots, so children know what to expect, but it has a whole new twist. TheMoney Savvy Pig allows kiddos to make wise choices with their money. Instead of having one coin slot, this new piggy has four. The slots also have labels, "save", "spend" "donate" and "invest". 

     The Money Saving Pig comes in five different colors (pink, blue, purple, platinum, and green). Each slot has a goal area that the child can allocate an attainable goal. For example, if the child would like to save for a book, they put a book sticker in the book section. It is really an ingenious banking system. Each leg has a coin removal slot. 
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03/24/2015 11:44pm

Very nice advises you give in your blog for saving money and tricks that how to invest money.


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