Middle child and I do a ton of crafts, so when we got the chance to try out the Craft Caddy by OttLite, we were thrilled. It is an awesome light that also stores your crafting needs. 
     The Craft Caddy keeps all of your items organized, but the compartments are removable, so if you need something, you don't have to carry the entire lamp. If you want to move the whole lamp, guess what? It comes with an awesome, easy to carry handle that allows you to tote the whole unit. 

     So, I have found that one of the issues I have with lamps is that they take up much needed outlet space. The Craft Caddy solves that problem by having an an extra electrical outlet in the base. The articulating neck allows it to move anywhere you need the extra light. I use my Craft Caddy in my work space. This allows me to keep all of my supplies in one area, and they are neatly arranged! When middle and I want to crochet, I can just fold it up, and move it to where we work. 
     The cord fits neatly into the base so there is no extra cord hanging around where you don't need it! Your Craft Caddy comes with a bulb already in place. It is rated up to 10,000 hours! 
     Be sure to go check out all of the phenomenal lighting that OttLite has available here on their site. You can also follow them on Facebook and on twitter
     Want to win your own Craft Caddy? I am giving one lucky reader the chance to brighten up their home, go to my Giveaway page to enter! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


10/02/2014 9:33am

I would love my very first OttLite!

10/02/2014 9:34am

I would ❤️ to win my very first OttLite!!!!

10/02/2014 9:35am

I would LOVE to win my very first OttLite!!!!

10/02/2014 9:38am

I would LOVE to win my very first OttLite!!!

10/02/2014 9:48am

Love it !! I have been watching OttLites - everyone that I know who has one just loves them.

Judy Maurer
10/02/2014 11:56am

I would so totally love to win this Ott lite!

10/02/2014 12:07pm

Would love another Otte light to give to my daughter, to use while there.

Cindy Peterson
10/02/2014 1:08pm

I have always wanted a Ott lite

Bea Williams
10/02/2014 1:27pm

Would LOVE to have this light beside my chair in the living room!!!

Lori Andres
10/02/2014 1:41pm

I would so love this for all the crafting I do, crochet, knit, quill, scrapbook, rubber stamp, tat, reading etc. See it would be beneficial to me to win:o)

Dollie Sarrell
10/02/2014 2:31pm

My eyes are getting old.. I would sure love to win this light. It sure would light up my quilts & crocheting... Thanks for the contest !!!

10/02/2014 4:22pm

I have 3. I can use more. I'm starting to get cataracts...the doc said to increase my light. This is the way to go.

10/02/2014 6:34pm

This would be awesome to have. Need extra light for close up handwork as well as sewing with a machine. Thank you for this opportunity to possibly own this wonderful light.

Charlotte Howett
10/02/2014 7:23pm

I would love to win this light.

Terry Lillibridge
10/02/2014 8:23pm

Would Love to win one of these cool lights!

Trish Desotell
10/02/2014 8:32pm

Would be great to win an Ott lite.

Cheryl Hank
10/02/2014 8:45pm

Love it lights. This is just what I need for my sewing room

Teri Riordan
10/02/2014 10:54pm

This would come in quite handy on my sewing machine cabinet.

Donna McLean
10/03/2014 12:16am

Shelia richards
10/03/2014 4:44am

i have several ott lites, about to get my new photography studio in my backyard and would live to have one there. These are the best lights on the market.

Brenda Nelson
10/03/2014 5:14am

I would love to have one for my sewing table

Sherry Raymond
10/03/2014 7:29am

WOW!! Love this. I could really use on of these on my scrap table. It would help alot to see better since my little corner is so dark.

10/03/2014 9:38am

Love Ottlites...got my first one 15 years ago! With quilters, cross stitchers, and scrapbookers in the family, it's always in use. I would like to have the the Crafter now.

Judy manning
10/03/2014 10:08am

I'm on the Atlantic ocean (long island)...ALL of my quilting tools & fabric are on the Pacific coast (san diego) in storage. Have been learning hand sewing, which at age 73 is a little eye-straining. Would LOVE a new OTT lite! Have had and used several over the years and love them!


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