Sparklz is another great little wind up from Kikkerland. Our kiddos love the Kikkerland wind ups. They are all creatively designed and uniquely made. Sparklz is a quick little guy who wobbles after you turn his rudder. His secret is he has tiny sparks on his back that shine as he is traveling. My kiddos are absolutely fascinated with this creation. 

     Sparklz should always be kept out of the way of flammable liquids or fumes. Other than that, you can watch him go along his merry little way. His booty and key come in assorted colors, and if you order directly from Kikkerland, they choose the color you will receive. Sparklz is a great stocking stuffer for the Christmas season. Kids love him and he will keep them entertained for hours. Make sure you pick one up for you as well. He is super affordable so, he won't break the bank! 
     Kikkerland makes super unique items for every occasion, so go check out their selection here! You can also follow them onFacebook and twitter! Want to win some Kikkerland goodies? Go to my Giveaway page! 
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09/04/2016 7:15am

Sparkles a nice toy for the kids, it seems wonderful when it starts, it has tiny sparks in his back. Children enjoy such fantastic items.Nice innovation to entertain the kids. Thanks for sharing new products.


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