The SuperTooth D4 is an extraordinary speaker that  features a Bass Reflex system that will enhance basses when you stream your favorite music to the D4. The D4 was designed to be used on the go as it combines compact dimensions, light weight, and a strap to carry it easily. It has no wires and can be used with your phone, MP3 player, tablet, or computer. The D4 lasts up to 12 hours of continuous play time. The size of the D4 makes it perfect for portable use. So, take it along outdoors, to the beach, on a picnic, or anywhere you want! 

     The SuperTooth D4 is a portable speaker featuring the convenience of NFC technology for instant pairing to a compatible mobile device. Using any NFC enabled smartphone, users simply touch the SuperTooth D4 against their phone in order for the devices to recognize each other, then listening can begin right away. Users without NFC-enabled devices can still enjoy their favorite tracks wirelessly from smartphones, tablets and PCs using Bluetooth A2DP.
     This speaker is absolutely amazing. The sound is unparalled to any other that I have tried previously. Although I was not able to try out the NFC technology, since I do not have a NFC enabled phone, I just connected wirelessly. While pairing with bluetooth, the connection distance is amazing. It stayed paired while I was upstairs in our home and the D4 was downstairs. The battery time is also pretty cool. We use the D4 regularly, and we only have to charge it every few days. I would recommend this speaker for anyone looking for a great speaker at an awesome price! 
     You can check out the SuperTooth D4 here and all of the other products on the Supertooth site here! Be sure to follow SuperTooth on Facebook and on twitter.
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