The Lemonade Bakery is a phenomenal bakery that delivers peanut free, nut free and egg free cookies right to your door. When we tried the Lemonade Bakery cookies, we assumed there was no way they could ever be tasty! They are absolutely some of the best cookies I have ever eaten! I have no idea what sort of magic these cookies are made with, but my family adores them! We will be lifetime customers! 

     The Lemonade Bakery  has been baking and selling delicious treats that are completely free of eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts for eight years. It all started because the owner's son had severe, life-threatening allergies to eggs and peanuts. It has now blossomed into this wonderful bakery that makes cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. 
     Our favorites were the iced seasonal cookies (we had pumpkins). They are just too yummy for words! If you aren't into iced cookies, they have a wide variety of other cookies to choose from. 
     I was just so impressed with The Lemonade Bakery. When you receive your package of cookies, each cookie is individually packaged to prevent cross contamination. The standards of The Lemonade Bakery are unbelievably high. This is not a situation of "the cookies taste great considering they are missing all of this." These cookies taste great period! 
     Take a sec and check out The Lemonade Bakery online here! Follow them on Facebook here! I am also giving one lucky winner the chance to win two dozen cookies delivered to their door from The Lemonade Bakery! Go to my Giveaway page to enter! 


The bakery items should be yummy and mouth watering because people want to eat something special. I love to eat bakery items because of the tea time. This recipe is so good and too easy that everyone can make this item to their home.


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