Vamplets The Nightmare Nursery Vol 1  Description:
     Learn the long hidden secrets of Gloomvania in this new Vamplets graphic novel! Teenager Destiny Harper is at a crossroads in her life. Graduation is coming, and she has zero prospects for the future. Answering an ad for ‘The Night Care Nursery’ seems like a great idea, until she is magically transported to Gloomvania, where dark creatures lurk the streets, and the world is being mysteriously overrun by baby vampyres called Vamplets! Can Destiny serve her term as Governess of ‘The Nightmare Nursery’ and return home? Fairy tales get a modern update in this coming of age tale of monsters, mayhem, and magic! 

     This is a great first book in the series perfect for children ages 7-10. The adorable series is paired with an entire line of products found on the Vamplets website here. My ten year old daughter loved this book! She is now addicted and cannot wait to read the next book. The artwork in the book is dark, yet enchanting. It goes along with the theme of the book so very well. 
     Middle child took her time to write a review for Book One: The Nightmare Nursery:
I loved the pictures in the book the most. The story was really good too. I thought the babies were very cute, it would be funny if my baby brother acted that way. All of the characters were my favorite, I can't pick just one. But I really like the stinkbug that doesn't stink. I felt very bad for him because he was an outcast. I really liked this book a lot and everyone should read it. I really want to read the next book too. 
     You can check out the whole Vamplets site here. Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook here and on twitter here. Want to win your own Vamplet product? Go to my Giveaway page! 


This was a good book to read and it can be good for the bed time stories for the kids. There are many adorable things in this book that can be good for the imagination of a child.


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