Our family enjoyed The Wizard of Oz at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center today. It was an absolute brilliant performance and our children were just amazed with it. Although we take oldest and middle to many plays, this was a first for youngest. So, we were apprehensive. He did wonderful. We believe that his behavior is due to the fact that the performance had his eyes glued to the stage the entire time. 

     When we arrived at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, we were pleasantly surprised. If you have ever attended an event in a major city, this is very different. There is a lot of free space surrounding the building and plenty of room for parking. Across the street, there is actually a little park, so the children got to play for a bit before we went in for the performance. 
     The entire building is handicap accessible and all of the entrances, restrooms, ticket booths, food areas are on the main floor. So, stairs are not an issue. We never had to wait more than a few moments to be led to our seats. 
     Since today was a sensory friendly performance, there were some accommodations that you do not find in a typical show. The house lights stayed on, just a bit, during the show. Noises and other disruptions are also tolerated during the performance, when typically they are not. I would have to say the best thing about this show was the relief I saw on the caregiver's faces. When someone would yell out (my child included) I was not immediately mortified and worried we would be thrown out. There was just a relaxed vibe through the whole show. No one was judging. No one was angry. Everyone was there to enjoy and love the show. 
      Okay, so onto the show. It was such a great performance. All of the actors were just top notch. They dealt with the disruptions with the audience like professionals and never missed a beat. The effects, such as the tornado and Dorthy's "dreams" were just fascinating for my kiddos.  Finally, Toto... all my children have talked about for the past five hours was that dog. He has become a celebrity in our home. 
     If you have not gone to check out the Wizard of Oz at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, you need to!! It is still being performed Oct. 26, 31 Nov. 1, 2. Don't miss it. In November, they will be performing Anne of Green Gables. Get tickets for all events here

As of this update.. All performances of The Wizard of Oz and Anne of Green Gables are SOLD OUT!!! Be sure to stay up to date with the performances at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, they will be having other great performances coming up such as A Christmas Story and The Nutcracker (both in December 2014. 


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