We have a very active outdoors family. When I found Learning Herbs I was super excited. Learning Herbs has created an incredible board game called Wildcraft! that combines a cooperative board game with teaching children healing herbs that they find in nature. 
     Our family has played Wildcraft! many times since it has come into our home. The children love it. It is appropriate for ages 4 and up, and 1-4 players can participate. This educational game combines everything children love about traditional board games with 25 important edible and medicinal plants and their uses in mostly first aid situations.

     Wildcraft! is a great introduction to the world of edible and medicinal herbs for children of all ages. It’s a beautifully illustrated, nature based, cooperative game created in the tradition of the classic board games. Wildcraft! teaches team work, for you will rely on each other’s knowledge of plants and good fortune to make it to the Huckleberry Patch and safely back to Grandma’s. The artwork on the Wildcraft! board and cards is amazing. On the game board, there are waterfalls to slide down, logs to cross and deer trails to wander down. Naturalist and artist Beatriz Mendoza uses vibrant watercolors to create a colorful and playful world for Wildcraft! 26 plants are featured on 52 cards. The plant cards show the level of detail needed for identification in the field. There are 52 trouble cards. The icons on these cards match up with the icons on the Plant Cards. That’s how you know what plant can help with your trouble card. This way, even little kids can play!
     In each Wildcraft! game you will get: 20×20 inch game board, instruction booklet, 4 player pieces, 52 plant cards, 52 trouble cards, 25 cooperative cards, and a spinner.
     I really love this game because it is made for all ages and abilities. There is no prior plant knowledge needed, and there is no reading in the entire game. So, if you have a kiddo playing who isn't quite reading yet, they can participate too! 
     A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the Wildcraft! game benefits United Plant Savers. Their mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.
     Want to check out more about Learning Herbs? Click here. You can learn more about the Wildcraft! game here. Be sure to Like Learning Herbs on Facebook here! Enter to win your own Wildcraft game on my Giveaway page! 
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Wow! You actually impressed me by this submit of yours. And what is considerably more commendable is unquestionably the authenticity of your content.Thanks for shearing the small print.

03/16/2017 1:27am

I love games which are adventures and I explore new techniques through playing them. I must say this wild game is so interesting. I would buy this for my kids and I hope they will love this.


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