Framily is a great Etsy shop that makes a variety of items. One of the most awesome things that I have found for infants are theBusy Baby Beads. These beads are to be worn by the parent for a baby to play with. The Busy Baby Beads are super reinforced, so a baby will not break them while playing. They are made to break away, so if the baby pulls too hard, it isn't going to hurt the caregiver's neck. 

     Busy Baby Beads are also great tools for children with special needs. They work as a stimulating tool during times that the child is stressed. I know in our home, stress balls did not work. Busy Baby Baby Beads were a great tool for our little girl with Autism during homework time! 
     As with any object, Busy Baby Beads should not be left with a child unsupervised. They are a bonding tool for the child and caregiver, not a baby toy. 
     Check out Framily's Etsy shop here! You can also win your own Busy Baby Beads by entering on my Giveaway page! 
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11/29/2016 1:36pm

This is really very cute and i feel so much happy to see this baby beads. I also have a very little son and he is at this age when he needs such kind of teether toys. I will buy this busy baby beads for him and i am sure that he will love its colors very much.


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