Gwee makes an entire line of convenient products that keep all of your electronic screens in tip top shape. Gwee products are amazing, they are so easy to carry and work perfectly. They are magnetic so they are easy to carry with you. Read below to find out more! 

     Gwee has a multitude of products that I had the chance to review. First, is theGwee Button. This great little button attaches to the back of your phone. Not only does it clean your screen, but it also doubles as a kickstand! This unique button sticks to the back of your phone by sticker, it is a soft and super absorbent microfiber pad that keeps phone screens sparkling clean and smudge-free without scratching surface. The really nice part about the Gwee Button is that when the pad runs out, it is easily replaceable.
The Gwee Button set comes with  2 complete Gwee Button’s, 5 extra cleaning pads, and 2 replacement adhesive stickers.
     The Gwee Keyring is a revolutionary new product designed to keep your sport glasses, eyeglasses and sunglasses hygienically clean and smudge-free while on the go. It follows Gwee’s multi-functional brand essence by also being able to clean your MP3 player or mobile phone screen. It utilizes a patent pending magnetic system that allows it to attach easily and securely to your keyring. It is available in a variety of bright colors to keep you from loosing your keys and the offer includes two Key Rings for even more useful opportunities. They also make great gifts.
      The Gwee Leaf is a unique and innovative product designed to keep Laptop Screens, Tablets and other Touchscreens hygienically clean and smudge-free. By using its unique magnetic capability, the Gwee Leaf attaches to virtually ANY Computer, Laptop or Tablet keeping it “When and Where You Need It”. The Gwee Leaf also helps keep screens “Hygienically Clean” with its proprietary anti-microbial properties embedded within the plush microfiber cleaning surface.
     Finally the Gwee Sport Guppy, is a revolutionary new product designed to keep your headphone and earbud cords and cables tangle free and organized for active wear or storage. It utilizes a Patent Pending magnetic clasping system that allows it to easily attach to any shirt, blouse, or ball cap and securely hold your sun, sport or eyeglasses neatly in place. The magnets are strong enough to hold cash for a quick and easy wallet. The variety of bright colors make it easy to find in a bag or around the house.
     All of these great products can be found on their website here. Also be sure to Follow them onFacebook and twitter! Click below to purchase yours, and use code AGwee4me​ for a 15% savings! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's


09/07/2016 10:56pm

It was very tough to clean your mobile or laptop screen without any scratches but now it’s too much easy. Gwee products are common every single person use these products because now they clean your mobile or laptop screen without any scratches.


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