Our children are all big readers, as are we. Although they do love fiction books, their main interest lies in the real world. Each of our children loves learning facts, especially about animals! This is why the book, Invisible to the Eye is brilliant for kids. 
     Invisible to the Eye is basically a hide and seek game in a book. Children seek out camouflaged animals hidden within the pages of this beautiful book. 

     The pages of Invisible to the Eye are filled with interesting facts about all of these beautiful animals. Children learn about the way the animals survive in the wild. If the kiddos have a difficult time finding the animals, an answer key is provided. This book has 48 pages, and is appropriate for readers ages 5-8. 
     World Book offers an extensive collection of books and other materials for children of all ages. Check out their site here. Be sure to also Follow them on Facebook and on twitter to keep up with the latest news! I am giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own copy of Invisible to the Eye! Go to my Giveaway page to enter! 
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07/28/2016 1:04pm

Yeah my kid loves visiting zoo and reading the fun facts written about the animals outside their cages. She often searches facts about animals when making different creative work assignments. This book seems interesting and I would love to buy this for Sara.


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