If you have a child that loves Titanfall, then this is an amazing set that will get them building! My oldest child loves the video game, and since I am not familiar with it, this K'nex set was a great way for us to bond. I am not much of a gamer, but I love to get creative. My kiddo loves to game and build. This set gave us awesome common ground. 

      This IMC Atlas Titan Building Set allows you to build an Atlas figure that is almost 11" tall. It also comes with a pilot that works with the Titan. The entire set is huge! It is 160+ pieces, and took us quite a while to build. The set has working weapons, which my kiddo found pretty cool. 
     Since we have other K'nex Titanfall sets, this was compatible with those. It is one of the things that I really love about the K'nex Titanfall line. They are all interactive and completely interchangeable. 
     This K'nex IMC Atlas Titan Building Set would make an awesome holiday gift for any child! It is available on the K'nex site
     Go to the K'nex site and check out all of the great products they have to offer! Be sure to Follow them on Facebook and on twitter! They always have amazing offers and deals! 
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In my case its not my kid,its my husbanf who like titan fall and I am damn sure that he will be super duper happy after watching this K nex titan fall in his drawer.


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