Kendama is the ultimate form of the traditional ball and cup game. Originating in Japan, Kendama has captivated the world with its simple design and endless freestyle trick possibilities. In an age where electronic entertainment is dominant, Kendama offers hours of authentic hands on fun, and can truly be taken anywhere. Once you have it in your hands, good luck putting it down!
     Kendama is deceptively simple at first glance. The simplicity makes it enjoyable for the beginner and also gives it its infinite playability.

     Our family had the opportunity to try out a Kendama from Kendama-co.com. These are a ton of fun for the entire family and will make a great Christmas gift! Kendama-co.com has an insane amount of Kendamas to choose from. Their selection varies from basic Kendamas for beginners to custom, limited edition Kendamas for the more experienced player. 
     It is a game of skill, so Kendama is not something you can just pick up and expect to master. It does require practice. However, once you invest your time, it is very worthwhile. Kendamas are great for hand-eye coordination. Our kiddos love playing with them, and we enjoy it as well. Especially in the winter when we aren't as active, it is a ton of fun. 
     Take a sec and check out kendama-co.com here! You can also Follow them on Facebook and twitter. I am giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own Kendama, so go enter on my Giveaway page! 
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