I have been a Spongelle user for years. I love their products, because they allow me to pamper myself and make me feel great. 
     Spongelle Beyond Cleansing was created in 2003. These are infused bath products that give you multiple uses in each item. 
     The Spongelle Pedi-Buffer cleans away all of your dry skin and callouses when it is cleansing. Spongelle's Pedi-Buffers are amazing for anyone whose feet need some TLC! 

     As a mom, I am constantly on the go. We are hiking, swimming, and moving all the time. My feet take a beating. Spongelle's Pedi-Buffers keep my feet soft and smooth. I have been using them forever, and I love them. My favorite scent in the Pedi-Buffers is the Mandarin Mint, although there are plenty of others! The Mandarin Mint is a fresh, clean citrus smell. It is great and invigorating. The Pedi-Buffers last 30+ uses, so it is an amazing value! 
     Check out all of the great products that Spongelle has to offer on their site, HERE. Be sure to Follow them on Facebook also to keep up with their latest deals. 
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04/16/2017 6:27am

Various soap products are quite famous and useful the number of people are gradually using them from long time. You are really use this product from long time and moisturizer your skills as well. Thanks for sharing update I would like to use it now can will check its result.


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