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Our family loves camping, but when you have a ten year old who hates the dark and bugs, you find a way to still love camping! Twilights by ENO have been our solution!

     Twilights are a string of 23 LED lights run by 3 AAA batteries. The life is 72 hours of continuous burn time. We tested it out and got around 80 hours. Twilights come is three varieties of colors: blue/green, white/white, and red/yellow. They are all super fun and our kiddos love them! We like Twilights because they come in a padded case, so they are easy to throw in with out other gear and no breakage occurs.  
     Twilights can be used inside or outside as well. Our children use them at home when we are building forts in the living room, but they are a necessity when we are out camping. Since our daughter hates the dark, we leave them burning all night, and she feels safer. 
     Just a note, we got caught in the rain with our Twilights. Absolutely no damage occurred. I would never leave them exposed for a prolonged period, of course. I was very impressed they were functional and in great shape after the downpour we were in! 
     ENO makes amazing gear and hammocks for all people who love the outdoors! Go visit their site here and do some Christmas shopping. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter also! 


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