Griddly Games is one of the best places to find great games for your family to play, especially this holiday season! 
     Our family has been playing Words of the Wise, an awesome game from Griddly Games. This great game turns the ABC's into a super fun time! This game is for one or more players, ages ten and up. I really love that it is great for individual use. Words of the Wise is a wonderful, educational way to keep kids occupied. This game is fun, but it keeps you thinking! 

Description from Griddly Games
Turn your ABC's into a very hilarious and challenging word game. Pick up a category card from the deck and think fast to find the words to match, - alphabetically. A, B, C might be easy, see if you can get to X, Y, Z. There are multiple methods of play. Try it on your own, go head to head, or compete in teams. Pick the one that best suits your group. It’s perfect for parties, road trips, or just relaxing and having fun with friends

     Words of the Wise fits our family perfectly. It is quick paced and we can play a game in less than a half hour. I also love that our two older children (10 and 15 years) can play on their own. 

In the Box
101 category cards
24 Wise Alec™ cards
Rules in English, Español, Français, Deustch

     Griddly Games makes an incredible selection of games, check out their site here! Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter too! 
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Jessi Gonzalez
12/10/2014 8:23pm

Love their selection! I see a few games I'd like to play with my daughters :)


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