I am amazed at the talent I find on Etsy. This is the exact case with Zumrana Needle Art, a wonderful shop that I came across. The shop owner, Berry, is from Ankara, Turkey. Each piece is handmade by her. The pieces are actually made of hundreds of tiny knots, each made one-at-a-time with needle and fine silk thread
     This type of stitching is known as oya which has been used in scarves of Anatolian women for centuries. The items are produced with strong silk fiber so they do NOT deform, loose shape, or break. They can be used every day and in each season. There are a multitude of colors and styles available, so you are sure to find something you will love. Every piece is original and handmade, no machine are involved. The item is done with an ancient lace / embroidery technique "knot stitch" from start to finish so it takes hours to complete the entire item, as well as years of experience. 
     It is a very intricate technique and takes years to master. Each knot starts by taking a stitch, wrapping the front and back end of the thread around the needle so that it will create a knot when pulled taut, and then pulling the thread through to complete the stitch while controlling the tension and placement of that knot with fingers and eyes. 
     Because Berry makes each piece to order, it does take 4-7 days to complete. They are shipped from Turkey, so items take approximately 2 weeks to arrive in the USA and Canada. These beautiful pieces from Zumrana Needle Art make amazing holiday gifts, and will astound anyone who you gift them to!
     Take a moment and visit Berry's Etsy shop here! I am also giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win their own piece made by Berry! Go to my Giveaway page to enter! 
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Rachel Jarm
11/10/2014 7:45am

Really pretty


This one is amazing art and work. It is much beautiful and it is technical art. Every person can do it and needle is important to make it. color scheme is awesome and we can buy in market very easily. But like this things are costly.


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