With the winter months here, my skin is always exceptionally dry. Ecco Bella's Lemon Verbena Herbal Body Lotion helps me with that issue. It is a water free product that completely hydrates and revives my dry skin. 
     I have tried so many different products for my skin problems. I love Ecco Bella's lotion because all of their products are Cruelty Free! Ecco Bella began out of protest to the use of animals for testing cosmetics. Because our family only uses cruelty free products, we adore the Ecco Bella brand. Most of the products fromEcco Bella multi-task, so they are help you save money! This is another definite benefit of using and purchasing. For example, the Ecco Bella skin care line uses a large amount of vitamins and aloe. This makes them perfect for anti-aging care and anti-blemish use. 

     Since I have began using theEcco Bella Lemon Verbena Herbal Body Lotion, my dry skin has completely gone away! My skin is no longer irritated and flaky, it is so much better than it was prior to using Ecco Bella. All Ecco Bella products are talc free, fd&c dye free, paraben free and Gluten free. They are also made with no preservatives
     Go check out the wide variety of products that Ecco Bella has to offer HERE. You can also Follow them on Facebook and twitter. 
     Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's


Maggie B.
12/05/2014 4:03pm

I bet this smells amazing! I love how lemon smells so clean!

Jennifer Hiles
12/05/2014 6:10pm

This cold weather is really doing a job on my skin. I've never tried eco bella products before but I've heard great things about them. I would love to try the Ecco Bella's Lemon Verbena Herbal Body Lotion!

12/03/2016 9:18am

I started using this lotion after learning so much about it from here and truly, results were the same! I am amazed to see how well this lotion works for everyone who uses it. It is certainly one of the most amazing lotions I have used, which has amazing feel and scent to it as well.


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