Fitivities is a great board game that our family had the opportunity to try out this past week. Since the beginning of school, it is much harder for us to be active during the week. Fitivities gives is the chance to get active in our own home, while still playing a board game...which we love! 

     Fitivities is a simple game to play. That is why we love it. There are no extensive direction books to read or long guides. It takes seconds to get set up and you are playing! Any number of people can play. So, if you and your kiddo are sitting at home, no worries, you two can still play Fitivities. Or, if you have a houseful of ten year olds over (which I tried, and they loved it), you can still play. It is a really great game because it gets everyone ACTIVE! 
     One of my favorite things about this game is it can be modified for users who may not be able to do all exercises. So, if someone isn't capable of a certain activity, it will have a modification, and no one gets left out! 
     The creator of Fitivities is Sandy "Spin" Slade. Sandy has made it her mission to change the world by making people more active. At schools, camps, conferences and workshops worldwide, “Spin” has inspired hundreds of thousands to be active, with her contagious enthusiasm and innovative inventions. Sandy is a tremendous inspiration to many and an innovator in the fitness field. 
     Along with Fitivities, Sandy Slade has produced Skillastics is a series of evidence based oversize board games that develop children’s fitness & sport skills by fully engaging up to 100 children at one time in an organized, fun, and non-competitive atmosphere. These games are made specifically for schools, rec programs, after school programs, and anywhere kiddos gather. Find out more here
     To get your family moving this holiday, click here to buy Fitivities! We are also giving one lucky winner the chance to win their own copy of Fitivities. Be sure to follow Sandy on Facebook and on twitter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Jennifer Hiles
12/04/2014 12:54pm

This sounds like a lot of fun. I love that it's a board game that makes you get moving. I'm betting my daughters would really enjoy this.

09/15/2017 5:11am

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