We love to reduce our carbon footprint any way we can. Our family has been using Funkins, a great way to limit your waste. These reusable napkins are awesome for in the lunchbox, camping, at home, and so much more! 
     Funkins are a wonderful alternative to traditional paper napkins and plastic tablecloths. They save money and reduce waste. With their bright colors, kids love them! 

     Funkins are 13”x15”, double-sided patterns made from 100% cotton fabric using low impact dyes. Funkins are made only with high quality fabrics that are CPSIA Compliant, and are Lead and Phthalate free. 
     Funkins can be used as both a napkin and a placemat, brightening the table and making clean up easier. They also provide a great protective barrier for public eating surfaces. Keep a few in the car for wipes and spills!
     I love that Funkins come in so many different themes and decorations. So, if there is a holiday coming up, you can get Funkins to match anything!
     Since we have started using Funkins, we have stopped using napkins completely. They are an awesome investment for your family and for the environment! Learn more about Funkins by visiting their website HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook and twitter
     One of my lucky readers is going to win three packs of Funkins (a $30 value)! Go to my Giveaway page to enter now! 
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Nancy Jachcik
12/08/2014 11:56am

Wow they really do have a large selection to choose from!

Maggie b.
12/08/2014 3:35pm

These are adorable and perfect for my cloth family!!

Amy Perez
12/08/2014 5:27pm

These look awesome! Thanks for the chance.

Sue Bane
12/09/2014 1:20pm

they are just gorgeous!

12/29/2014 4:37pm

I love these, so cute!

Katherine Riley
12/30/2014 3:01am

We switch to cloth napkins many years ago to save on money. But it is nice to know we are now green!!!!

Katherine Riley
01/02/2015 3:05pm

I like the Blue Christmas napkins - they would be great for the holidays.

Katherine Riley
01/06/2015 1:13am

My granddaughter would love the Purple Peace Funkins.


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