Our family found Giant Microbes years ago on a trip to our local Science Center in Pittsburgh. If you have never heard of Giant Microbes, they are stuffed animals made to look like actual microbes. These are a great way to talk to your child about diseases, they also make awesome gifts, and they are just plain fun. 

     The newest addition to the Giant Microbe's family are the 2014 tree ornaments. They come in the beautiful Star storage box and there are five fun microbes to adorn your Christmas tree. The star box includes: Bookworm, Fat Cell, Heart Cell, Flu, and limited edition silver lamé Amoeba! These little guys are adorned with a "T'was the Night before Christmas" book, sweet sugar cookie, Christmas drum, and elf ears, hat, and belt! There are also other versions of the tree ornaments ava
     To check out all of the unique items on Giant Microbe's website HERE! Also, be sure to LIKE them on Facebook to keep up with all their latest news and deals! 
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12/12/2014 7:26pm

so cute!


I did Giant Microbes as gifts for kids. They are very cute. I especially love the duck microbe that is fluffy and cute.

11/15/2017 12:09am

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